Halva and Tahini

Traditional sweets from Greece

“Olympos” halva is an excellent Greek sweet based on the traditional recipe of the Papayiannis family. “PAPAYIANNIS BROS S.A. HALVA PRODUCERS OF GREECE” was founded in 1949 in Larissa, Central Greece. It is made of tahini (sesame paste) and white caramel (fondant), often with the addition of dried fruits, nuts or honey. It has always been a popular lent sweetmeat due to its purely plant ingredients and the high nutritional value. It is also an ideal everyday dessert for serving after a lunch or dinner, or with coffee.
“Olympos” halva is very tasteful, nutritious, rich in proteins and calcium that make it a perfect, natural treat for all ages. 

Halvaa 200 gr: almond, vanilla, stevia choсolate, stevia, bio “Honey”, royal (cocoa, almond, raisins)

Halvaa 400 gr: honey, royal (cocoa, almond, raisins), pistachio


Halvaa 40 gr:  vanilla, cocoa

Tahini. The oldest mention of sesame is in a cuneiform document written 4,000 years ago that describes the custom of serving the gods sesame wine. The historian Herodotus writes about the cultivation of sesame 3,500 years ago in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Ancient Iraq. It was mainly used as a source of oil.

Tahini is mentioned as an ingredient of hummus kasa, a recipe transcribed in an anonymous 13th-century Arabic cookbook, Kitab Wasf al-Atima al-Mutada. In the United States, sesame tahini, along with other raw nut butters was available by 1940 in health food stores.