Tea and Coffee

Extremely tasty and powerful blend of coffee, with density, full taste and incomparable aroma. Produced from the finest Brazilian coffee varieties. For fifty years has won those who want to enjoy a traditional Greek coffee. Our secret lies in the selection of best quality coffee beans, the unique combination of varieties and crops, the best expertise in roasting and grinding coffee, but above all in our passion …
Greek coffee is a kind of coffee prepared by baking in a coffee pot (briki) crushed into fine powder roasted coffee beans.
It is drunk more than any other kind of coffee in many parts of the eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Balkans and North Africa. This coffee is reached even under the names “Armenian coffee” , “Arabic coffee” or “Middle Eastern coffee.” In the countries of the Balkans is commonly called “Turkish” while in Cyprus called “Cyprus.” In the Middle East it is common to mix coffee with cardamom and other herbs.
According to tradition, the first to prepare such coffee were the Bedouins of the Middle East who put the coffee pot on the sand that covered the ashes and coals to keep them alive. That’s why there is a tradition of baking coffee on the sand (on the coals) in the traditional cafes.

“Kohv peab olema keev nagu helvet, must nagu kurat, ehe nagu ingel ja magus nagu armastus.”

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord


  • Traditional herbal tea Common Cold
  • Traditional herbal tea Constipation
  • Traditional herbal tea Insomnia
  • Traditional herbal tea Rose
  • Traditional herbal tea Stress Relief
  • Traditional herbal tea Weight Loss



  • Tonic
  • Relaxation
  • Common
  • Cold
  • Bellyache