Olive oils

Best extra virgin olive oil from Greece

Aenaon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AENAON – Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Peloponnese Peninsula, Kalamata Region. High-quality aromatic oil with a strong, rich taste of the best Greek olives. Acidity is not more than 0.3%. Ideal for salads as well as for frying and is indispensable in both cases. This one of the oldest companies in the Peloponnese brings Mediterranean accents and healthy elements to your table!

OLEUM CRETE Extra Virgine Olive Oil

The Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleum Crete comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete it is a Protected Destination of Origin product (Messara P.D.O.) It has been awarded with a Gold Award at the NYIOOC 2015 (New York International Olive Oil Competition) Gold Award also at the Terraolivo 2015 International Olive Oil Competition, that is something that makes us very proud and proves that it is one of the Best Olive Oils in the world with very flavor and aroma, acidity that does not exceed 0,3% of oleic acid per 100 grams, produced with the cold extraction method in modern olive mill and fully complying with the international health and gastronomy standards.
Olive oil constitutes a way of life and an irreplaceable nutritional element!
It is an extraordinary and magnificent food, the maim basis of the famous Mediterranean Diet.
Oleum Crete is an oil with intense fruity flavor and perfume that makes it unique and special!
Classifield P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) be the E.U.
The EU P.D.O. symbol guarantees the superior quality and integrity of the product.
Variety: 100% Koroneiki
Pressing conditions: cold extraction, malaxation temperature up to 27 C, malaxation time up to 40 minutes.
Colour: Golden green
Flavour: Fruity