Loukoum ja Bahlava

Bahlava and Kataifi – Kandylas produced with pure and high quality raw materials. They are Handmade products and always under perfect conditions of hygiene. One bite of Syrop Pastry is a small trip to ‘Magic’ old Middle East with its aroma and flavor.
Always on the basis of quality and respect for the consumer, we select top quality materials such as crust leaf, fresh butter, nuts and more. There is a wide variety of flavors, types and packages from individual 60g to 4kg bulk

Handmade loukoumi

Loukoumi Stelios Kandylas produced based on traditional old recipe since 1927, comes from Middle East. It is a Handmade product from the beginning until the end of its production, based on pure, simple and high quality raw materials (sugar, water, corn flour and different flavors according to ‘secret’ of old recipe)
Loukoumi produced in many flavors and packages
Serving suggestion: serve with coffee, like a desert after dinner.