Quality cheese from Greece

Ladotyri Mytilinis, P.D.O in Olive Oil

t is preserved in Olive Oil. Ladotyri Mytilene is a unique cheese product, of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) which is made exclusively only in the island of Lesvos. It is the most famous cheese of the island, and it’s being produced from ancient times until today.
“Ladotyri” as a name comes from the past. At times when households in the island didn’t have refrigerators they had the need to maintain their cheese, so they used to store it in olive oil in traditional clay containers popular as (Sfdelia Mytilinis). In these containers cheese was becoming more mature and gained a distinguished spicy flavor and aroma. Wanting to satisfy all those customers who are loyal to traditional flavors and dairy products of excellent quality, we innovatively created this new product Ladotyri Mytilinis, following the same traditional recipe as our ancestors in the past with respect to the culture of our island Lesvos.
Stored in olive oil, and user-friendly packaging of various sizes, Ladotyri Mytilenis maintains its spicy flavor and aromas in spite of external factors. In a unique exclusive innovating way Lesvos Dairy has managed to bring the flavor of this unique product in the family table.


Hard cheese with golden skin. Cheese body is characterized by a “hay” color and several holes scattered inside. Distinguished by a slightly sweetish taste. Produced by mostly sheep’s milk and aged for at least three months before packaging.


Very famous in Greek cuisine, traditional hard cheese. The color of this cheese varies from white to yellow. It has a tough skin and a strong spicy flavor. Made from sheep and goat milk and aged for at least three months before packaging.

Feta Cheese P.D.O.

Soft cheese preserved in brine exclusively from sheep and goat milk, that ages for at least two months prior packaging. Feta is characterized by a rich, smooth flavor and a pleasant soft and sour taste. Since 1994, the feta is produced only in limited geographical areas of Greece as a Protected Designation of Origin product.

Kasseri P.D.O.

Semi-hard cheese with a consistent texture and light yellow color. Made only from sheep and goat milk and thus characterized by a rich aroma and a unique flavor. This cheese ages for at least three months before packaging. Lesvos Island is one of the three regions of Greece where Kasseri P.D.O. production is exclusively permitted.